Map with houses build in own editor.

We are a game startup of two students based in Hamburg. At the end of 2020, we came up with an idea for a new game technology. Our goal is to develop a multiplayer experience with a high-resolution and fully destructible world. For this, we are developing our own voxel-based game engine from scratch in C++.

At the beginning of 2021, we developed our concept. Next, we quit our jobs and founded a company. Gamecity Hamburg supports us financially and the Startup Dock provides us with office space.

For the upcoming year, we aim to develop a prototype of the new multiplayer-capable game engine. This includes the atomic destructible world, a multiplayer mode, and classic FPS mechanics.


James Rucks // Game Engine Developer

James holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hamburg. He is currently pursuing his Master's degree with a specialization in Computer Graphics and Machine Learning. He has already spent two years as a backend developer in the eCommerce space, as well as doing research in the field of Deep Learning in 3D environments. James also has a lot of experience in level design. He has built maps, which have been downloaded over 1 million times and are played competitively.


Clemens Runge // Game Engine Developer

Clemens completed his BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at HAW Hamburg. He is continuing his studies with a master's degree at TU Hamburg. On the side, he worked as a hardware and software developer of 3D cameras for six years. He wrote software for 3D image processing with OpenCV and C++. In the field of game development he has already contributed a singleplayer campaign to an open source game.

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